Noah & Sam, kid indoor wooden play structure manufacturer

The nature of play

Active play is at the core of kids learning. As parents, grandparents, relatives or instructors, we are always looking for occasions to make them spend this wonderful energy healthily!

Wooden play structures inspired by nature

  • Handcrafted design
  • Safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long lasting and eco-friendly

About us

Sense of family and entrepreneurship are at the heart of Noah & Sam. We believe that active play is essential to daily activities!

Pleasure, health, sense of responsibility and creativity are values that bring us all together. Nature inspires us, as well as the beautiful landscapes of our Nordic country. Mont-Saint-Hilaire is the primary inspiration of the unique design of our wooden playgrounds. We have this amazing chance of nourishing our bodies and spirits every day from those green territories. Providing an alternative space purposely designed for active play in our houses seemed self-evident for us.

“All those values indwell Noah & Sam’s team and are displayed into our creations. In your household too, we hope so.”

CEO at Simexco


Indoor play structures for kids

Our three structures are perfect for all season! Made with cherry wood, this material is robust and makes the structure suitable for kids from 2 to 10 years old. The meticulous finishing touch gives its long-lasting component. They are painted and varnished to prevent any future stains. Easy to assemble and evolving, it is the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Small play structure

Flora is our smallest structure. Ergonomic and diversified, its different features bring the best of the playground, including stairs, a slide, a steering wheel and a fun wall panel.

Medium play structure

Arbora applies for those who wish to have the most accessories for a limited space. It contains stairs, a slide, a steering wheel and a fun wall panel just like the smallest structure. We have added a chalkboard, a climbing wall, a tiny ladder and a small shelter as a resting area.

Large play structure

Our biggest structure is called Foresta, slightly bigger than Arbora. It also contains stairs, a slide, a steering wheel, a monkey bar, a fun wall panel, a chalkboard, a climbing wall, a tiny ladder and a small shelter as a resting area. It also benefits from a large ladder, for even more fun!

Slide for toddlers

Extend the fun with our slide for toddlers Folia! It can be purchased alone or combined with one of our wooden play structures. Very elegant, it is offered in two types of tone with a natural finish, either the white or the yellow one. It includes two steps and grips for children to grab securely. Its small dimensions (46.5 in x 22.3 in x 28 in) makes it an easily stored and well-designed game.

Balance board - Junior

Tabula is our evolutive balance board. It allows the child to develop his dexterity over time. Let your imagination do its work and take advantage of the many features of this jewel by Noah & Sam designed for the youngest to the oldest!

Learning tower

Do you want to share good times with your child through different activities that require constant supervision and adapted equipment? Fabiola learning tower is what you need! Whether it’s in the kitchen helping you prepare meals or letting him reach the bathroom counter to brush his teeth, it will adapt to any situation. By letting your child participate with you in daily activities, you help him develop their motor skills and autonomy. The Fabiola learning tower is made of birch for absolute sturdiness, a bar to secure the child during use and has an adjustable platform with three (3) different levels. Options for accessories (single step and safety bar) are classic white or bright yellow.

Our vision

The emergence of digital games brings awareness to the way our children move and play around the house, making us even more conscious about their development.

Play structures provide them with a safe and recreational space that takes good care of them. For Noah & Sam, offering indoor play structures that are affordable, active and fun for families is inevitable. Naturally, kids need physical activities, whether it be indoors or outdoors. A short session of play before homework or dinner is efficient and integrates our daily routine.

By combining with Simexco’s group thirty-year-long expertise, Noah & Sam emphasizes its social mission. With our playground sets, we aim to build an active play culture inside our houses, all year around. The inclusive and warm environment thus created helps children connect and support each other, generate stories and, above all, play actively.

in Quebec

Our structures are made with natural materials. Besides being evolving, they are environmentally friendly, long lasting and dynamic, which gives all its meaning to the luxury of wood.

The nature of amusement itself is reminded by our structures. There is no need to go far to give our children a healthy space especially provided for them to learn and have fun. Strongly inspired by our surrounding nature, they provide an harmonious integration to our living or game rooms.

The well-taught balance between its fine aesthetics and its robust materials makes Noah & Sam’s playsets some unquestionable essentials.